Sunday, 3 January 2010

Travelling to the other side of the world

Air New Zealand
"Air New Zealand", by Chuck Johnson, on Flickr

Woohoo, in just a day I am flying from Schiphol (NL) to Auckland (NZ), with a transfer in Shanghai (CN). Finally my grand adventure in NZ can begin! It has taken me about a year longer to be at this point, but that's all behind me now. Through this blog I will try to post updates about my travel and what I've done/encountered/experienced/explored, possibly with some photos.

Via my Twitter (@eddokloosterman) I will post some smaller messages that are coming more frequently and more random, as I don't need to find an Internet café to post messages. And no, I am not taking my laptop with me, way to heavy, and my iPhone will have to do in the two months that I'm there.

The next time I will post something on this blog will be from Kiwi-soil. See you on the other side of the world!


  1. Goeie reis!!

    ik heb je blog gevonden! :)

  2. hey, you don't know me from a bar of soap, i cycled NZ a year ago, can give you ideas on what to see if you like. Got your details from Nazca, am buying a Pioneer from them. will be in rotorua for a week longer, let me know if you're coming through here and want to meet. my mobile number is 021 149 8076. Mireille