Thursday, 19 March 2009

Leaving in just over a month

Just realized that I will be leaving in just over a month, and that I now have just a months time to complete my thesis and get my Master's title .. still a lot of work to do though.
However, by someway I came across this Stereophonics song, "Long way round", which was written for the "Long way round" documentary [1] featuring Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman. A couple sentences of this song really got to me when I heard it:
Going for a ride, sooner or later, I'll get me
off this track. Gotta do what it is that I do
and then I'm coming back. Got sun in my
face, sleeping rough off the road. I'll tell
you all about it, when I get home.
These words will stick with me during the my trip through beautiful New Zealand, and telling my family and friends all about it once I get home. On YouTube I could find a nice version of this song, featuring the intro of the Long Way Round documentary [2].

Another song that got stuck in my mind is "Paddy's green shamrock shore" performed by the Young Dubliners. It's a great song about leaving Ireland some many years ago, with a sailboat across the Atlantic to the United States of America, looking for a better life. Many versions of this song live on YouTube, so if you're interested take a look/listening :p.