Sunday, 13 February 2011

Next big cycle tour: South America

Well, there I said it; my next big cycle tour will be in South America.
This plan has been playing around in my head for quite some time now.
It started while I was still cycling in New
Zealand, reaching the end of that big cycle tour.

Last year for my birthday I already put the Lonely Planet guides for
Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina on my wishlist; which I
subsequently also got from my parents ;-).

However, I haven't done much with these books so far, except flipping
through the pages. Though, today while watching the Going South
TV-series on Dutch TV, I made up my mind to go do a (short) cycling
trip this year, and plan for a big one in about two years. As a
response to putting that on twitter, I was asked the question of where
to? Well, that moment I decided to go to South America as my next big

Will this be on a recumbent bike, or a regular MTB-style touring bike?
I am not sure yet... What I do know is that I will love it to be back
on the bike again for a tour!

Will keep you updated as this plan comes into shape...