Sunday, 20 December 2009

Trading my wool beanie for a cycling helmet

It is only a little over two weeks until I will trade the beanie that I'm currently wearing for a cycling helmet for some two months. It wasn't until a week ago that I actually thought about what it means to me, leaving home, family and friends for two months for a cycling trip through New Zealand.
I know the time will fly once I'm there, and the trip will be a thing of the past in way too short a time, but it does make in impact already. But I'm doing something that I've longed for for quite some time .. finally!
My motivation for doing the trip has also been given a boost, by viewing some of the Do Lectures' lectures (Paul Deegan's and Alastair Humphreys's lectures where quite inspiring), and by reading the book "Keerpunt Alaska" by Jolanda Linschooten. Just going out and doing something that I will enjoy, even embracing those moments that I know that will be hard.
By the way, this is also my test to see if blogposts via email do actually work ;-).

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