Monday, 7 December 2009

My own epic adventure


With my first long travel on a bike, at least longer than 2-3 weeks, less then a month away (28 days to be exact) I thought it was time for another blog update. A few people have also asked me how I have planned my whole trip, and where I am going to stay. Short version, only have general areas that I want to visit, and what happens in between is not planned.

The long version is that I used to have a fairly detailed route planned out, which can be found in earlier posts, but that my mind is set to just see how far I can get. Of course I want to see a few specific scenic places and towns, but I honestly do not know the road conditions and the traffic. With the Cycling guide that I bought a month ago I do have some more information on this, but I really have not found time yet to examine the routes and descriptions closely. One thing that I know, is that I want to make 75km each cycle day, and that I do not want to cycle each day. The plan is to make a number of dayhikes, such as the Tongariro Crossing and a couple similar hikes. It would be also sweet to go kayaking in NZ, either white water inland or sea kayaking near the coast; one of best areas for seakayaking seems to be the Abel Tasman National park or the Sounds area just north of Picton, but NZ has a lot of other places where I can paddle.

Another place I would like to visit, is Wanaka, on the South Island. Apparently this is the outdoor sports mecca of NZ, with a few walks and tracks through the Mount Aspiring National Park. This park is situated at the southern end of the Southern Alps, and has an attraction on me for its beauty and ruggedness. Take a look at one of the latest videos of Chase Jarvis and a video from Icebreaker, all shot in/near Mt. Aspiring National Park. Hope you get the idea why I wanna go ;-).

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