Saturday, 9 January 2010

A roadside report

After being a couple of days on the road it finally starts to settle
in that the distances I can manage in a single day riding are not that
large (approx. 75km). The roads continually go up and down, where it
sometimes climbs for a couple kilometers.
Aside of that I managed to cycle the first part of my planned route
from Auckland to Hamilton and today to Matamata. Hamilton was nice,
lots of shops and quite a few pubs & restaurants.
If u btw gonna think that when in Matamata u want to visit the
Hobbiton filmset, it's nice, but don't think its worth the dollars.
For now I'm going back to reading a book and will give u more updates
as they come ... Sweet as bro'

1 comment:

  1. Told you so about the Hobbiton Movie Set! The locals told me that when I was living there. I never went in though. Hope you will continue your journey in safety! Can't wait to see pics :P