Saturday, 16 January 2010

Update from Ohakune

Currently staying in Ohakune, a small town just south of Mt. Ruapehu. With only a couple minutes on the clock of my Internet-access-time-quota I am trying to give you an update to how it has been so far.
First of all the weather has been fantastic, I here it has been snowing quite heavily back home, but out here the sun in baking hot. Almost too hot to cycle in, with the exception of today of course, drizzle and cloudy. Have made my way across Tongariro National Park, and did the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. This was without a doubt a great dayhike, too bad the weather up on the mountain ridges wasn't too good (misty and terrific wind), but it was quite good fun and had a blast of a day.
Unfortunately the computer here doesn't allow me to view the RAW-images I have made with my camera, so uploading a few just to let u have a small insight to what NZ looks like will have to wait.

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