Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Time for something new

After having spent about eight years on the campus of the University
of Twente, this weekend it was finally time to actually move out.
Don't get me wrong, they were a great eight years, though no longer
being a student the differences between me and my flatmates became
clear. It's not in anyway that I had issues or that I didn't like
someone, but more a rhythm thing. Having to go to the office everyday
at half 7 am, and being home again sometime round half 6 - 7 pm.

Of course I had a feeling of not belonging there anymore earlier, when
other flatmates left, but it has been a splendid last year. Though,
after searching for over a year for my own place, I now have a nice
apartment in Deventer.

Almost everything is still in boxes, yet this week I have made some
progress in actually putting some closets together and fixing lights.
Still got to get used to the idea of living on my own ... though
DIYing and unpacking has kept, and will keep, me busy the next few

Keep u updated ... Housewarming will be planned ;-).
Mvg, Eddo

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