Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Times lost in France

Small waterfall in the Guil, with me paddling
It seems like this is a returning note from me about my blogs, but I was intending to keep this blog updated once every while ... shame on me for not keeping my own promises :-(.

A lot has happened in the past few months that might be worth sharing, such as the fact that I am finally moving out of my student room and going into a small apartment in Deventer (NL), and spent some fantastic times in the French Alps with a few friends.

We had decided over a small barbecue that we wanted to go paddle somewhere in France this summer, so made plans to head down to the area near Guillestre. In that region there are a few nice rivers paddleable with a certain degree of difficulty (WW 3-4). On a friday evening we set of in a van with a few kayaks strapped to a trailer and set the GPS for France... a number of hours later we were near the Alpe d'Huez and soon reached our destination.

Surfing (1)
As we had only a week we took our time for sleeping pretty late this week, and had the afternoons to paddle. Unfortunately a week is only a short time, so only after getting warmed up and used to the rivers it was also about time to go home again. All in all this was a splendid week, paddling the Durance and the Guil :).

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