Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Westcoast and glacier country

Just after a month of cycling I have reached the Westcoast of the
South Island and made it all the way down to glacier country (Franz
Josef & Fox Glacier). The weather has been exceptionally warm and
sunny for the Westcoast, as it usually rains a fair bit along these

The roads from Westport to Greymouth were simply spectacular, as at
some points you cycle for a few kilometers directly besides the Tasman
Sea. At high tide, when there is a fair bit of wind, the large swells
break spectacularly on the shoreline, which is lined with rocks.
During my stay along this part of NZ the winds even kept going at
night, which made for grand sunset photos (didn't bring my tripod for
nothing ;) ). Sorry, but u won't see those photos until I get back home.

The blowholes and pancake rocks at Punakaike were also epic at sunset,
and it was just sweet to be standing at the bluff and see the sun
setting into the Tasman Sea. Sweet as!

The roads south of Greymouth weren't that nice, boring at sometimes,
but not everything can be exceptional. However, riding towards the
glaciers more and more crystal blue meltwater rivers turn up,
reminding me of Slovenias Soça river.

Yeah, white water paddling is possible in this area, but the size of
the kayaks I saw in Hokitika means that it is BIG water. And no,
nobody does any commercial ww kayaking in Hokitika :(.

Tomorrow I'll be heading towards Franz Josef Glacier, ah well, I'm in
the town already, but going to the glacier.
Here on the campground I also met a few other Dutch cyclists, 15 of
'm, that are on an organized following parts of my route in the other
direction. They have it easy though, as their luggage is carried for
them from campground to campground in a trailer behind a car.
About meeting people; everyday I meet other cyclists or people who
have done cycle tours. Also today, I met a Scottish couple in Whataroa
and shared a lunch together and talking about the route and Scotland.
Our conclusion at the end was that sandflies are worse than midgies.
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