Sunday, 7 February 2010

Goodbye epic Westcoast and sandflies

The glacier depicted on this photo is Fox Glacier, which I found to be
prettier and rougher than Franz Josef Glacier. Near both glaciers I
could feel the cold coming from them, which was good on a hot day ;).

Staying at Gillespies Beach was pretty sweet, but there were quite a
few sandflies around. Took the time to hike and sit on the spectacular
coast and make photos of the sunset and crashing waves. The road to,
and from, was a 16km, winding, gravel road that went up and down and
took me quite some time to cover.

Next stop, Lake Paringa, another DoC campsite. Apparently the only
source of drinking water was a small mountain stream, reminding me of
canoeing holidays in Sweden. And also here, a million sandflies!

Currently in Haast, after a 'short' ride today (50km), having to
conquer three bluffs. Tomorrow heading up Haast Pass from the
difficult side, at least that is what I got told. And then I'll stay
on the eastern side of the Southern Alps for the remainder of my
travels through New Zealand. Looking forward to the area around Wanaka
and Queenstown!

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