Sunday, 21 February 2010

The last leg

With my travel from Dunedin to Omarama the last leg of my cycling
adventure will start after a good night's sleep. This trip has taken
me thru almost the entire length of New Zealand, with the exception of
Fiordland, the Catlins and Invercargill.
This last part will take me from Omarama to Lake Pukaki and Lake
Tekapo, two large lakes that provide quite a portion of the country's
electricity through hydropower stations. From there I'll ride to
Fairlie, Geraldine, where I will pick up the Inland Scenic Route 72
through Methven and Oxford to Christchurch.

I have planned to stay a few days in Christchurch, or even cycle to
Akaroa on Banks Peninsula. From almost every cyclist I met the tip was
given to ride to Akaroa, it will be a heavy ride but with spectacular
views as reward!
On March 4th my plane leaves Christchurch, to take me back to
Auckland, the city from where I started two months ago.

I have mixed feelings about travelling home again, I would love to see
both family & friends again, but there is still so much to do and see
in New Zealand that I wish I had more time. For now I don't want to
think about it too much and experience and enjoy my travelling as much
as possible through this wonderful country, even with its notorious
headwinds ;-). Some of the very scenic and touristy things are still
to come for me, the views of Mt. Cook from Lake Pukaki and the Church
of the Good Shepherd at Lake Tekapo. Hope these are not as busy with
tourists as the Moeraki Boulders (most likely they will be).

"I took the road less travelled, now where the hell am I?!" (Quote
from a Wicked Campervan)

PS. Didn't get lost up until now, though roadsignage could be improved
in NZ ;-).


  1. Hey Eddo,
    Tja, de tijd vliegt. Voor je het weet fiets je weer over de "woodroad" in Driene. Ben bnieuwd naar de plaatjes die je hebt geschoten tijdens de tocht. Op de site van je tijdelijke fietsmaatje staan erg veel mooie kiekjes dus de verwachtingen zijn hooggespannen.
    Hier is het nog steeds winter. Afgelopen nacht weer sneeuw en bevroren ruiten. Tot slot zoeken we nog een nieuwe minister-president, verder gaat alles goed in het land.
    Voorzichtig de laatste etappe genieten en tot spoedig.



  2. Hoi Peter,

    Dank voor je bericht, ben idd voorzichtig, al de hele reis. Aan deze kant van de wereld is het echt een warme zomer, en ben blij dat er tegenwind is soms.
    Hoop dat de verwachtingen niet te hoog zijn qua foto's, hoop zelf ook dat de foto's goed gelukt zijn (verwacht van wel) ;-).

    Mvg, Eddo