Friday, 6 February 2009

And then, an audience!

And then suddenly there were quite a number of readers on my blog, thanks to a small message on [1] February 3rd. This was the second time that I made it on the homepage of with a blog [2], last year in February it was because I started my Dutch blog [3].
Hiya everybody!! :D

And other news, my new flight-data have been confirmed by KLM. They unfortunately couldn't tell me if I could take my bike along, as this was still pending for the second stage (Kuala Lumpur - Auckland v.v.). However, the person I spoke to said it would be allright as for KLM (flying me between Schiphol and Kuala Lumpur) it was already acknowledged that I can take my bike. The request was still pending at Malaysian Airlines ... hope to hear something soon.

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