Thursday, 8 January 2009

Extensive update

It's been a busy time the past few months, as I have said in my last blogpost, however there has been some news concerning my travelplans to and in New Zealand.
First, because I couldn't get my thesis done in December 2008 my plans of travelling to NZ in January had to be changed. Don't want to take on such an adventure for two months while I still don't have my MSc title, therefore my flight has been moved up to February 25th. The returnflight has been planned for April 19th from Auckland International Airport, which will deliver me back in NL on my mother's birthday (April 20th) at 05:30AM [very early in the morning!]. I am confident that this time I will get my Master's degree before the departure date!

Initially the plan was to cycle both the North Island and South Island, though based on what I heard from both my parents and my sister (currently in NZ) I think I'm going to focus on the North Island. But this might change once I am really riding in NZ ... we'll see!
Have already quite a list of places that are worth to visit (Google Map of interesting places), and also a couple of places where I can stay if I want. From what I hear very friendly people those Kiwis!

Really look forward to be pedalling through the wonderful country of NZ, hopefully across a lot of secondary roads without cars :p. Guessing that I'll need a number of CF-cards for my photocamera!

After sending an email to Nazca Ligfietsen yesterday about packing my bike for airplane-travel, I received an extensive email with quite a few points to what should be done to fit the bike in a box. Many thanks for that! Though I am still wondering if my heavy-duty Pioneer (with Rohloff and other not too light items) isn't too heavy (max. weight is 20kg, including a 3,5kg box). Within the next months some weightshedding of the bike will be done, guess I don't need fenders.

Will get back to you in due time to give an update on how things are going, Kia ora!

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