Sunday, 1 February 2009

Argh! Grmbl! Not amused!

And again I have postponed my trip to New Zealand :grrr:. In a meeting last wednesday with my graduation-comitee I received the notification that my thesis wasn't yet good enough. Therefore my actual graduation had to be postponed to a later date than my fallback date of February 20th.
So, this means that also my flight on the 25th had to be moved to a later date ... argh! Grmbl!

However, as the flight couldn't be changed online, I phoned the KLM-office. The person I talked to said he could arrange the change in my flight, and also take care of my bike-transport in the same aircraft :). But now I am not changing again!!!

Outbound flight:
Amsterdam-Schiphol - Kuala Lumpur International (flight KL0809):
April 24th, 20:55 - April 25th, 15:00

Kuala Lumpur International - Auckland International (flight KL4113):
April 25th, 21:10 - April 26th, 11:20

Return flight:
Auckland International - Kuala Lumpur International (flight KL4112):
June 19th, 12:50 - June 19th, 20:15

Kuala Lumpur International - Amsterdam-Schiphol (flight KL0810):
June 19th, 23:05 - June 20th, 05:45

(all dates and time mentioned correspond to local time-zones).

This shift in departure-date has also a positive side, I've gotten more time to prepare everything for the trip. After reading another blog [1] the thought to ride on both islands has gotten back into my head, however I read a lot of contradictory information on transporting a bike by coach in NZ. And on the website of one of the largest coachliners in NZ I can't find any information on the transport of bicycles on coaches. Thus, another action on my to-do list before departure ...

That's all for now, hey!

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  1. Hi Mate, This promises to become interesting, NZ on a recumbent. I'll check your blog for good stories and nice photos. We share some interests: NZ, landscape photography and cycling. Here: you'll find some of my pictures from NZ. Mostly from the southern alps.

    Good luck with your thesis and have fun.