Saturday, 8 January 2011

Freedom of movement and dress

Just a story I do have to share with you guys..

This morning I was walking to downtown Deventer, and at a junction
near home I noticed a campervan. The lights were green, though the
campervan didn't move. The driver mentioned that it wouldn't start, bu
he could fix it. However, a push of all of us (I wasn't the first to
arrive at the van) helped to 'park' the van somewhere out of the way.
The driver thanked the three of us, and set about mending his
campervan. I just had to take a photo of that campervan... Couldn't

Moments later a policeman came up to me asking for my ID. A bit
shocked as I was I handed over my drivers license, and asked why. The
answer was that because I was wearing flipflops in this cold (about 7
deg. C) and the fact that I had made a photo of the campervan, they
(yeah, there were two) had noticed me.

I explained the story about helping the driver of the campervan and
that the photo was for personal use. Though still got weird comments,
like I was crazy to walk around of flipflops, from the other policeman
(who miraculously appeared). Apparently both had been sitting cosy
warm in a parked station wagon.

After having checked my ID all they said was: "Everything is OK, bye".

Please, let the police catch crooks, help at accidents, or at least do
something useful... but don't mind the people who are walking around
on flipflops and taking photographs!!!

(apologies for the ranting, just had get it off my chest)

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