Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Another year flew by

It is not uncommon to become a bit nostalgic when the year seems to come to an end, setting the door wide open for the next. Even so with me, some nostalgia has crept up on me.

There is no denying it, it has been quite a year (2010): spent two months cycling in New Zealand after finishing college in October of '09, given a couple presentations on my cycling trip over the summer, and moved out of the student flat on campus to my own apartment in Deventer. Although some moments were a bit hectic, and it wasn't easy to leave NZ after having cycled (almost) the whole country, I do look back on a successful year.

However, 2010 isn't quite gone yet, just enough time for a road trip of a couple days with my sister. Where this trip will take us? Wherever the roads take us!

One thing I hope for in 2011, that there will be quite some moments to spend with a few friends sitting around a campfire! Cheers!
More fire at night

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