Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Time flies, or does it?

Only a while ago I wrote that time is catching up pretty fast, well I currently have the feeling that it can't go fast enough. More and more it starts to sink in that it is only less than 10 weeks until I fly down south, still so much to do ... such as a couple family birthdays and Christmas.

New cycling guide
Though, sometimes there is a small pleasure in finding great stuff. Such as last weekend, strolling around the Bever store in Hengelo, I found a copy of Nigel Rushton's "Cycling guide New Zealand" with a 'few' cycling routes through New Zealand. Actually I was looking for a map of Twente to plan a trip that sunday, though I came back with a couple more items ;).

Packed canoe
On another note, camping gear is tested, including my self-improved army surplus bivy sack :). A few weeks ago I went paddling on the Maas at the border between Belgium and the Netherlands, which also required us to camp somewhere at night. As we wanted to keep it light and low-key we decided not to take a tent, but rather sleep in our bivy sacks. It was a bit chilly during the end of the night, but we both survived it, in spite of the efforts of a busy beaver that swam nervously round our camp.

Though that weekend wasn't as cold as the latest adventure of Jolanda Linschooten; she went solo through the cold Canadian environment with only a husky as company. With her camcorder and still photos she created a documentary about the whole trip, and the trailer looks very promising. I am still hoping that I can actually manage to get to the premiere in Heerhugowaard, but not sure yet. A few of her books will arrive this week, so I will have something to read again in the evenings, looking forward to that.

The way Jolanda has documented her trip with a specific theme in mind, and also the way the cyclists of the Going South project are documenting their trip has made me also think about a theme and direction of my own trip. It has to do something with outdoor sports, the environment (am going on a bicycle instead of rental car), and the stunning scenery of New Zealand. If any of you have an idea, let me know .. ;).

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