Saturday, 3 October 2009

Almost no steps left

To break the good news directly, I graduated yesterday after a long time working on my final project and the dissertation. Presentation unfortunately didn't go quite as smoothly as I hoped, but in the end it turned out quite good anyway. So yeah, I now can add a Master of Science title to my name! After just over 8 years of studying with a mixed efforts towards my study, it finally came to a close yesterday.

The party afterwards was really great, lots of friends showed up, and a couple of good friends (partially (former) flatmates) had a short thing to say about me. This brought back a couple of hilarious, but also some somewhat embarrassing moments; the past 8 years wrapped in 10 minutes.
Sometime later the evening the canoeing club came with a present in small pieces, to make sure I can now bake an apple pie. For the number of goals I missed during canoepolo matches, I guess that I will be baking a pie almost every week for the coming months ;-).

It's a strange feeling though today, not having to think about a dissertation that should be finished or if I prepared a presentation good enough. I guess that when I actually move out of my room, that it will be even stranger and a harsh closing of a good time I had (and still have) here. All things must come to a close sometime, although you might wish it not to end...

What's next on the agenda? Getting on with work, and make good progress there, and take a couple weekends off to do some activities outdoors. Next weekend will be riding with a bunch of other recumbent riders for a camping weekend, and the weekend after that will be playing canoepolo in Leeuwarden. It was also decided to take a couple of days off between Christmas and Newyear for a paddling trip somewhere, preferable with a bit warm weather (south of France was mentioned :p). Will see, for now I'm going for a run, getting rid of some alcoholic toxins in my body and clearing my head.

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