Monday, 21 September 2009

Two weeks closer to graduation

Two weeks have gone by since I got my authorization to actually graduate, and that last week was pretty hectic with a deadline on thursday-morning September 17th, for the pre-final version of my thesis. Missed quite some sleep during that week, however I couldn't really catch up in the weekend. After some more work on that pre-final version during friday afternoon and the whole of saturday I thought it was pretty good. This wasn't the case unfortunately, based on the conclusions in my thesis both supervisors thought it would be wise to discuss it and give me some good hints to what should be in the conclusions.

It was also the case that a PDF had to go to the printer on tuesday the 22nd for production, should I be able to deliver a bound version on friday September 25th. I still had some luck left, as my primary supervisor proposed the deadline for the bound version of September 30th, just a couple of days before the colloquium. This means that I will have to send a PDF to the printer on September 25th, the official deadline for a thesis before the colloquium on October 2nd.

As I mentioned earlier time was short in the weekend for catching up sleep, as I planned to go with Euros Kano to Hagen-Hohenlimburg (Germany) for some paddling on the white water course. Upon arrival we found out that the course was closed for us, due to an organized slalom-competition. As we still wanted to go paddling, we set course to Neuss (near Düsseldorf, Germany) for a spin on a short slalom course on the Erft. We knew where the Erft itself was, we didn't know how exactly we could drive our cars to the course. It took us about three rounds through the town, including a local to ride out in front leading us to a spot almost right, until we found the correct road to the put-in.

And yeah, we had a lot of fun, guess I should clear a day or two in my cycling schedule to go white water paddling in New Zealand. I guess that there are some nice rivers to paddle in the kiwi summer and enough arrangements to choose from. Will need a waterproof camera though, as my DSLR won't like water that much :p.

Some of my next posts will be again about my journey, don't worry .. but for now bear with me on the topic of graduation for a two weeks more. Will update you with the gear I'm gonna take and all other interesting stuff ....

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