Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Some sort of summer holiday

In the Biesbosch
Only about amonth ago I did change my travelplans for my trip to New Zealand, but today finally received the confirmation of KLM by the issue of an e-ticket for the flights vice-versa :). Together with keeping a strict schedule the past few weeks, and upcoming weeks, for writing my thesis, this has payed of by giving me some mental peace. As I will not be going on any long holidays this summer, I have decided that I really have to take a couple weekends of, just getting outdoors, away from my laptop and any work and/or school-related issues.
So to actually take some time off, this weekend I'll be paddling in the Biesbosch with a couple of friends. We'll be camping somewhere in/near the Biesbosch and be having a good time. Unfortunately the meteorologists predict quite a bit of rain this weekend, but I guess we'll manage. Lucky for us, the weather still has a couple of days to make up its mind.... fingers crossed.
Just to get in the spirit of things, the photo above was taken last year in the Biesbosch where our canoeing trip from Nijmegen to Drimmelen ended. I still have fond memories of that trip and the ones -back in 2005 and 2006- that preceded it in Sweden.

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