Thursday, 21 May 2009

Tough bike

My bike w/ new tyres and w/o fendersYesterday was quite some fun, sometime in the afternoon I got a call from Mark Burgers (A.C.E. Ligfietsen) that my order for tyres had come in ... pretty quick! A friend of mine was in the shop at that moment, and offered to take the tyres back to Enschede for me. How great was that, it meant that I didn't have to go to Winterswijk to get them.

And of course, my bike is now equiped with two Schwalbe Marathon XRs (57-559). Unfortunately one of the fenders didn't actually fit anymore, not because of the width of the tyre but the increased height. The front fender couldn't fit between the tyre and the fork-crown without hitting the rubber. So it meant it had to go, and I will try to figure out another solution for riding in NZ. As this looked bad in comparison to the rearfender that miraculously did fit, I removed the rear SKS fender and replaced it with an old MTB fender that I had initially on the bike. The result can be seen in the image within this post. I think the bike looks now really tough!
However, now back to writing my thesis ... deadline on monday!

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