Friday, 22 August 2008

Sister's in the air and I'm following in 5 months

Yesterday saying goodbye to my sister on her trip to New Zealand got me thinking about my own trip there. After some consideration and researching I decided to already book my own flight. This gives me some mental boost to continue my MSc-thesis, and don't keep it running forever...
So my flight leaves Schiphol at January 6th, 2009 and makes a stopover at Kuala Lumpur International, where I will have to board another plane to continue transit to Auckland (NZ), where it will arrive at January 8th.
The return flight will leave Auckland at February 26th, and bring me back at Schiphol at February 27th. The flight back will cram 27,5 hours of flying in about 15,5 hours of sun-time (leaving at 14:00 and touching down at 05:30). So plenty of time to develop a jet-lag ... :p

Outbound flight:
Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur International (flight KL0809):
Jan 6th, 20:45 - Jan 7th, 15:25

Kuala Lumpur International - Auckland International (flight KL4113):
Jan 7th, 21:15 - Jan 8th, 12:35

Return flight:
Auckland International - Kuala Lumpur International (flight KL4112):
Feb 26th, 14:10 - Feb 26th, 20:00

Kuala Lumpur International - Amsterdam Schiphol (flight KL0810):
Feb 26th, 23:25 - Feb 27th, 05:30

(the times mentioned above are all local times of the specific airport)

This will give me enough time to explore both the northern and southern island of 'Aotearoa' on my recumbent bicycle, and of course visit my sister in Hamilton :).
More on my preparation for this trip in due time ... I now have to come back to earth and work on my MSc-project.


  1. The comment for this one, I posted wrong!! It's at bye bye sis!

  2. No more news about your trip :( ???
    Still looking forward for you to come here :P

    Talk to you soon!